The HRG begins at the Joseph Beuys Sculpture Garden next to the Knoll.  (see map) and goes through the tunnel (under Hilltop Circle).  At the tunnel’s end, turn left to follow yellow blazes up to Giffen Hill, site of two trees, a white oak and a tulip poplar, which pre-date the American Revolution.

The HRG continues along the walk way past the UMBC Soccer Stadium and turns right past the parking area to the bridge over the Herbert Run.   The HRG proceeds over the bridge and turns left behind the Stadium Locker rooms.  This part of the HRG trail can be a bit rugged, even muddy and sometimes overgrown, so watch your step.  Note the Herbert Run stream on the left.   Take time to stop and listen with your eyes closed to hear not only the running water but any wildlife in the area.   Watch for deer, racoon, and bird footprints along the way.   Also watch for poison ivy and the numerous plant and animal species.

At the end of this section make a left at the gravel road and then a quick right to cross the playing field.  Shelbourne Road will be on your left and the Herbert Run wildlife corridor will be on your right.

Look for the sign at the top of the rising to enter the upland forest.   Here you will see an old road which was part of the farm years ago.  On your left will be many old trees some with deer markings, a sign of mating behavior.  On your right, note the many different mosses and other ground covers.

Continuing up the hill you will be at the site of the Conservation and Research Area Trail (C.E.R.A.).   The HRG leads to the C.E.R.A. trail but does not go through it.   (White blazes indicate the path for the C.E.R.A. trail).   Turn round and go back down the small hill and turn left on the path.   You will again cross the Herbert Run.   Follow the yellow blazes until you turn right to go through a meandering narrow trail through the woods.

You will come to a clearing and a major road, site of bwTech@UMBC.  Cross the road looking for the yellow HRG oak leaf markings on the sidewalk which will lead you past a picnic table on your left and research park buildings on your right until you reach the bridge.

Meander along the bridge and turn left to see the pond and look for the wood duck box in the distance.   You may also see some of the many migratory bird species that inhabit this area of the campus.

Return to the bridge and follow to its end and carefully cross Hilltop Circle.  This will lead you back to the Joseph Beuys Sculpture Garden.

You may enjoy looking up the links on all the bolded sections of this guide.  Please also share any information or comments on the HRG website.


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